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The April Fair, this year, mobilized

The April Fair It is no longer what it was. Now the sevillanas, in addition to teaching their Flamenco dresses, their horses and buggies, they carry their mobile in their holster and about to draw. The Sevillians and Sevillians, who continue to wear their best clothes in the traditional style, also immortalized the moment with digital cameras. the booths combined air conditioning with traditional canvas and, José Mercé, sang amplified with a state-of-the-art sound equipment.

Yes indeed. Even chamomile has been modernized. The flamenco women who did not want to lose “feeling” at the first change, combined in the pure calimocho style, the fine wine with Sprite freshly bottled with the authorization of the American multinational whose name I do not want to remember. Times change and April Fair not far behind.