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My experience with the OPPO Reno6 Pro after two weeks

The new range that joins the catalog of the Chinese brand OPPO, called Reno6, is presented in two variants. On the one hand, a normal version and, on the other, the one with the surname Pro. This analysis focuses on the second, clearly located in the high-end range and far from the general public. The OPPO Reno6 Pro incorporates a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen, a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and 12 GB RAM. The fast charge reaches 65 W and promises to fully supply the device in just over half an hour. Clearly, we are facing a terminal with a lot of power and some very striking multimedia attributes. But is it a good companion on a day-to-day basis? Is the OPPO Reno6 Pro really worth it? In this article, my opinions about different aspects of this device are recorded so that you can see to what extent it is a model for you.

OPPO Reno6 Pro: technical sheet

OPPO Reno6 Pro
Screen 6.55 inches with AMOLED technology, Full HD + resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, curved
Main chamber – IMX 766 50 megapixel (1 / 1.56 inch) main sensor with f / 1.8 aperture wide angle lens with OIS and EIS
– 16 megapixel secondary sensor with ultra wide angle lens and EIS
– Tertiary sensor 13 megapixel sensor with telephoto lens (5X hybrid zoom and digital up to 20X)
– 2 megapixel macro camera quaternary sensor
Selfie camera 32 megapixel sensor
Internal memory 256GB
Extension No
Processor and RAM Qualcomm Snapdragon 870GPU Adreno 650 12GB RAM
Battery 4,500 mAh with 65W Super VOOC 2.0 fast charge with charger included.
OS Android 11 with ColorOS 11.3
Connections 5G, NFC
SIM Dual nano SIM
Design Strong, glossy finish with curved sides. Two colors: gray and blue IP54 certification
Featured Features Quick charge (complete in 35 minutes)
Release date Now available
Price 800 euros

A design that conveys premium sensations

After taking a look at the technical sheet, I invite you to review the look of the OPPO Reno6 Pro. The sides of the terminal are occupied by three buttons. On the right side, the one that is responsible for turning the device on and off. On the left side, the volume control. And that’s it. These are the only physically available commands. At the bottom there are elements such as the tray for the SIM card, a microphone, the USB-C connector and one of the speakers. I quickly head to the top to check that it is a free space of components, except for an additional microphone.

The front area is captained by the screen, which barely leaves room for the edges. As in other devices of the BBK Electronics group, the Reno6 Pro has the rounded panel side ends. Years ago, Samsung made this trend fashionable and, personally, it does not convince me. For me, this is one of the negative points of the phone. Sometimes, it causes involuntary touches on the screen and does not add real value to the operation of the terminal, beyond some lighting effects.

Finally, I turn it around to run into a rough finish that conveys a very pleasant feeling. The gray color of the tested unit has a slight gradient. It is discreet and keeps away from the colorful reflections of other phones. The camera module sticks out, although not as much as it does on other devices. If we talk about design, except for the detail of the curved edges of the screen, the OPPO Reno6 Pro delivers. It is beautiful, elegant, offers a good finish and everything is in its place.

Multimedia aspects are very fine-tuned

The screen is one of the most important aspects of a device. Not surprisingly, it is postulated as the main component when interacting with the system and the telephone in general. In the OPPO Reno6 Pro we find a 6.55-inch AMOLED panel. It has a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a resolution Full HD +. By default, it comes with a calibration that stands out for displaying very vivid colors in P3 mode. In the settings there is another mode, called Smooth, which uses the sRGB mode. With it you can enjoy colors more adjusted to reality. As is usual in these cases, it will be up to each user to define the calibration in one mode or another. In any case, the panel stands out for its good resolution, a more than sufficient brightness and a refresh rate that, although it does not reach 120 Hz, makes the transitions more fluid.


In the analysis I do not like to leave out the sound. The Reno6 Pro comes with a stereo set, thanks to the inclusion of a main speaker and the help of the earpiece. It is clear that we are not looking at Hi-Fi speakers. But the sound of the terminal is strong, with a high volume and an almost imperceptible distortion. On the other hand, if you want to use wired headphones, it is necessary to opt for the USB-C port, since it does not incorporate a 3.5 mm jack. Of course, headphones are not included in the box, so you must purchase them separately.

Autonomy and performance: two key points

Let’s talk now about autonomy. The OPPO Reno6 Pro incorporates a 65W fast charge. To enjoy the maximum charging speed, it is necessary to use the transformer that the company includes with the phone. With it you get the 25% charge in just 5 minutes. Similarly, a full charge takes just 35 minutes. Its battery, which is 4,500 mAh, gives it enough autonomy for a day and a half. It is evident that this makes this terminal an exceptional work tool, allowing it to be used throughout the day and quickly recovering autonomy, if necessary.


The processor also has a lot to say, not only in terms of autonomy, but performance. The OPPO Reno6 Pro is agile and dares with any type of task. This is possible thanks to Snapdragon 870, an efficient processor, but very powerful. This is not a model that I have encountered jerks or hangs on. Everything works as expected. For the most demanding, OPPO has decided to include a cooling system by means of heat dissipation by layers of graphite and steel. The opening of multiple processes is ensured with the 12 GB RAM. But if they fall short, the company includes an expansion through software that makes use of storage. The latter, by the way, of 256 GB not expandable.

The OPPO Reno6 Pro points out ways in the photographic field

The OPPO Reno6 Pro comes with a main sensor IMX 766 50 megapixel (1 / 1.56 inch) with wide angle lens of aperture f / 1.8 with OIS and EIS. The secondary sensor is 16 megapixels with ultra wide angle lens and EIS and the tertiary sensor 13 megapixels with telephoto lens of up to 5X optical zoom and 20X digital. Finally, we find a 2 megapixel macro quaternary sensor. As you can see, the set is very complete. Our tests make it clear that the main sensor in good light conditions gives correct results. The colors are realistic, the level of detail more than sufficient and the HDR function balanced. The detail is not as great when using the rest of the lenses, which also have a lower quality, although they allow the user to enjoy some photographic versatility.

We can’t jump from out of the way without talking about the video recording. Thanks to the software, OPPO has managed to enhance the experience in this area. The firm includes technologies such as Live HDR, which helps to improve lighting even at night, or the bokeh effect. For its part, Focus Traking he is in charge of keeping the object that stars the action in focus.

The software leaves a good taste in your mouth

The software using the latest OPPO model is Android 11 with the layer ColorOS. As often happens in the world of Android devices, the terminal comes with several applications included. Some of them can be easily uninstalled, but others cannot. Inexplicably we have had to live with Netflix, an application that cannot even be disabled. It is true that it is a popular software, but it is possible that many users do not want to have it installed on their terminal.

In terms of utility, ColorOS a very full coat is shown. It incorporates several tools accessible from a side menu. There are screen recording tools, screen text capture and application shortcuts. It also includes a huge list of customization options, most notably the creating silhouettes for AOD mode with photos in portrait mode. Finally, if you are concerned about privacy, ColorOS promises to protect your data using a mode that protects important information thanks to biometric sensors. The OPPO Reno6 Pro allows you to unlock the system using facial features and fingerprints, with a reader located under the screen. They both work very well.

Is the OPPO Reno6 worth it?

OPPO is one of the brands that belongs to the group BBK Electronics. Within this corporation there are also firms such as OnePlus, Vivo or realme. In recent months I have had the opportunity to test some models of these brands and all of them have given me good feelings. For example, saving the distances and taking into account that each terminal belongs to a different range, it happened to me with the realme 8 and, more recently, with the Vivo X60 Pro.

Taking into account everything analyzed, it is much easier to answer the question posed at the beginning: is this OPPO Reno6 Pro worth it? In my opinion, yes. It is a balanced terminal, with enough power for any task, with multimedia attributes to match and a very versatile camera. It has some absences, such as wireless charging or physical connection for headphones. I have also not liked turning on the device and finding a series of pre-installed applications, or that it includes a curvature in the panel lacking a very specific purpose. All in all, I think its virtues cover all those details in spades. The OPPO Reno6 is an all-rounder product, perfect for working, playing and consuming content. The analyzed model has a official price of 800 euros. At the time of this writing, an OPPO Band and signature wireless headphones are included with your purchase.