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Be very careful with the 911081570, this is the reason

Nearly 40,000 users have reported in many forums and web pages having received calls from 911081570. The general tone of the comments shows that we are facing advertising calls, however, the practices described do not correspond to the practices carried out by the commercial attention services that operate in Spain: calls after hours, repeatedly and even during weekends. The doubt that arises around this is born precisely of its nature: is it really a so-called spam? We see it.

The character of this article is merely informative. is only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on third-party pages, so it stands apart from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations made to the company regarding its network services and / or the service aftermarket.

Do not take calls from 911081570, we will tell you why

«They do not answer when they take the call and after about 10 minutes a voice says goodbye without more »,« They have called several times and they do not say anything. I have returned the call and they do not take it »,« You tell them that you are not interested and at the end of the call they come back and call you »… These are some of the comments that we have been able to find on the net around 911 081 570. ¿¿ Who is it really about?

Some of the companies that users mention in their testimonials are MásMóvil, Vodafone, Movistar and Endesa, among others. The way to proceed in all these cases is similar: a discount is supposedly offered on the mobile phone or electricity bill and personal data is requested to “verify the owner of the line.” At the date of publication, companies such as Vodafone have already denied their relationship with these calls, so it can be confirmed that we are, at least allegedly, before an identity theft attempt.

These practices are usually aimed at making fraudulent hiring through the identity theft of certain companies. In any case, from we have not been able to verify the authorship of the call, while we distance ourselves from any possible accusation.

This is how you can block calls from 911 08 15 70

Given the alleged fraudulent nature of the call, resorting to the Robinson List will not be useful, as several users have confirmed. If we have an Android or iPhone mobile phone, We can use the Calls application to filter calls manually. It is enough to press and hold the number that we want to block until a contextual menu with different options appears.

Block calls

The way to automate this same process without resorting to the aforementioned exclusion list is based on using specialized applications, like Mr. Number or True Caller. These applications filter calls automatically using reports previously made by other users without our having to intervene manually, unlike with native options.

Finally, if we want to block calls on a landline, we can use the physical buttons found on the dial or third-party blockers, which are sold on Amazon or eBay for prices around 20 euros.