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▷ Is Swappie reliable? 4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not

swappie is reliable safe 2021

Swappie has officially arrived in Spain as one of the largest iPhone trading platforms in Europe. The store is presented as an alternative to pages such as Backmarket or Certideal, with the difference that the sales process is more agile if possible. Precisely due to its limited travel in Spain, Swappie has sown a multitude of doubts regarding the reliability of the store: Is Swappie reliable? Is it safe to shop at Swappie? Is Buying Refurbished iPhones Reliable From Swappie? We have compiled some technical questions from the web, as well as reviews and real opinions from clients and users, to answer all these questions.

The character of this article is merely informative. is only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on third-party pages, so it stands apart from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations made to the company regarding its network services and / or the service aftermarket.

Reasons Swappie is legit in 2021

Although Swappie is new to Spain, the truth is that the store has been operating internationally for a few years throughout Europe. With more than 11,000 valuations on platforms such as Trust Pilot, the store has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Let’s look at some of the reasons why the store seems trustworthy.

24-month warranty and 14-day withdrawal period

That’s how it is. All iPhones purchased from the private mode have a legal warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase, which doubles the Apple warranty if we purchase devices outside the store. If we are freelancers or companies, Swappie gives us a legal term of 12 months.

On the other hand, the store offers a withdrawal period of 14 days, complying with current regulations regarding the sale of products online. Within this period, we can make any return whatever the reasons: state of the product, non-conformity with the characteristics …

Payments through PayPal and cash on delivery

If we talk about payment methods, the safest options are always PayPal and cash on delivery. Fortunately, Swappie supports both of these pathways. The first assures us a certain coverage in case the company does not respond, in such a way that PayPal’s mediation service will intercede for us if any type of irregularity is detected: order that does not arrive, iPhone in poor condition … If the mediation does not come to fruition, PayPal will reimburse us the full amount of the purchase.

Regarding cash on delivery payments, the page does not specify the conditions, although a slight surcharge is likely on payments made through this channel for the cost of the service.

Immediate delivery if we live in the peninsula

Whether we buy or sell an iPhone through Swappie, the delivery and collection of the product is done in a within 24 to 72 hours within the peninsula. This period also applies to orders placed from the Balearic Islands, so the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are excluded from the services of the platform, at least on the date of publication.

Have a human customer service

No bots or automated responses. In this sense, the page makes available to users a live chat operating from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in addition to a phone number (518 889 459) that we can contact within the same hours as the chat.

Reasons why Swappie doesn’t seem trustworthy

When we talk about stores whose only sales channel is limited to the Internet, it is not always possible to control the different sales processes: shipping, product status… A simple search on the Internet helps us to know some of the deficiencies that users report and that the website itself presents with respect to platforms such as Amazon or eBay, as we will see below.

The state of the iPhone may not correspond to what is described: battery, speakers, microphones …

Some users report that the status of the iPhone does not correspond to what is described, especially when we talk about items with status ‘As new’. The general trend of negative opinions speak of battery, microphone, speaker, and display defects. On the other hand, Swappie does not ensure the watertightness of the equipment due to the different IP67 and IP68 certifications, probably due to the opening of the device to make the corresponding replacements.

Accessories do not appear to be Apple original

Although it is not specified in the conditions of sale, users assure that The accessories included in the original box are not Apple original, but compatible, although neither the brand nor the technical characteristics are specified. This could compromise the integrity of the equipment, either by using poor quality chargers or cables or by handling them. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase original accessories before proceeding with the purchase.

No repair or handling policy specified

Despite the fact that all iPhones have a legal warranty period of 24 months, the website does not specify the repair policy in its conditions, beyond the exemption of products that have suffered liquid damage. The process that refurbished iPhones follow to be restored is also not specified. as is the case with Certideal or BackMarket, so the origin of the installed components and the verification process that the phones follow to be put up for sale is unknown.

Recall that replacements and repairs performed outside of Apple’s official sources are made with non-original components by the policy that the company applies about third-party repair services. Since the components used and the repair process are not specified, it is difficult to estimate the useful life of the products.

Swappie positive and negative reviews and opinions

To assess the reliability of Swappie, it is necessary to know the real opinions of users who have made use of the services of the platform. Here are a few taken from sites like Trust Pilot, one of the most reliable opinion platforms.

We read on TrustPilot:

«On the outside the phone is great, the scratches on the screen are practically negligible and there are no visible bumps or scratches, although it is true that the battery has come to me with 89%. I understand that the price you save is precisely because the phone does not leave the store directly and has already been used, but in a matter of downloading three quick applications the battery has dropped in 5 minutes from 23 to 19% in no time. »

«I recommend it, the product arrived intact and does all its functions well in addition to the ease of acquiring the product and making the purchase. Fast delivery.”

«The product arrived as indicated. A perfect shopping experience. I recommend the platform if you are looking for a cheap iPhone. »

«I bought iPhone 11 in like new condition and it is perfect, the best is 100% battery health.»

“I have bought 2 iphone I have always doubted that d buy x internet, but right now I recommend it 100%, quality, efficiency and price, very happy.”

«I ordered an iPhone 11“ like new ”and it arrived pretty quickly, it was like new on the outside, however when I turned it on it turned off within minutes, and each time I turned it on the battery showed a different level, I had to return it. Despite the fact that the mobile phone was wrong, the service is excellent, they serve you quickly and with solutions. »

«Fast shipping. Good packaging. Good phone performance for now. Excellent in all services. »

“I received an iPhone XS that could not be turned on without being plugged into the power supply even though it fully charged the battery, but it still kept crashing.” Translated from English

“Bad experience. I bought an iPhone X 64 in very good condition (like new) from Swappie at the end of May. From the beginning, the keys did not respond well. I thought about returning it, but late, that is, after 14 days. I lasted until September when the screen, after removing the protection, completely detached from the mount. Never again with swappie! “ Translated from Italian

“All perfect. I ordered an iPhone 11 and it arrived after 3 days as they said. The product corresponds to what I asked for, I chose the least good option with regard to quality, and even so the mobile only has a couple of scratches that can only be seen if the mobile is turned off. Also super attentive and if you have any problem they are here to help you. »

“Although the phone was in very good condition, it seems an exaggeration to say as new. Obviously, whoever buys a used equipment must be clear that it is not new. But in order to make the shopping experience more satisfactory and to avoid expectations that are not met later, perhaps real detailed images would be helpful. “

«I sold my iPhone 12 Pro Max through Swappie. It seemed very simple and they paid a fair price. The collection of the product was very simple and the payment came within a couple of days after they received the iPhone. I will definitely sell my phone again through Swappie. “

«The store is very good and everything arrived perfect, I give it four stars because it gave me that the delivery was going to be today and it did not arrive, I spent two days, but in the end everything was fine because it arrived on the last day that I It was the maximum delivery limit, all very well. “

«Phone bought like new, visually good but the microphone damaged, you hardly ever hear a person. I don’t understand how they were able to check the status of the phone. Complaint sent immediately. » Translated from Slovak

«About a month ago I ordered an iPhone 7 at Swappie, what I liked the most is that they sent it to me on a day when there were supposedly 3. The condition of the phone was perfect as I asked for quality. From my experience, it is a perfect place and I do not regret spending the money here. “