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▶ ️ This is the maximum time a person could spend on Mars

Behind the first space flights there were years of research, trials, errors … Therefore, now that it is known what is the maximum time a person could spend on Mars, that trip to the planet of fire could be getting closer and closer; especially after the conclusions obtained by one of the most recent investigations in the matter.

Although the first manned trip to space took place on April 12, 1961, when the Vostok 3KA-3 spacecraft was launched with astronaut Yuri Gagarin on board, the human obsession with reaching space began much earlier. And the same happens with the future expedition to the neighboring planet. Before knowing what life will be like on Mars, you have to study how long does it take to get there, how long can you stay there, what characteristics must the ship make the trip have, what are the consequences for the crew …

Well, it seems that after the last published article by the specialized magazine Space weather, the answer to all these questions might be a little clearer.

This is the maximum time a person could spend on Mars 1

Maximum time a person could spend on Mars

Knowing the maximum time a person could spend on Mars is importantIn the first place, because the radiation from this path can be very dangerous for astronauts who are exposed to it. Such particle radiation, which comes from the sun, stars and galaxies, can pose a serious risk to humans.

The aforementioned article, which has produced a international team of space scientists, explains that this supposed trip to Mars should be able to be done safely, provided that two premises are met:

  1. The first, that the ship has sufficient shielding to reduce the impact of said radiation.
  2. The second, that the round trip is less than around four years. More specifically, as we have been able to read in the article, 3.8 years would be the maximum that a person could spend on Mars. And, although it seems like a long time, it is not so long if you consider that it takes about 9 months to reach the red planet.
This is the maximum time a person could spend on Mars 2

The scientists further concluded that the best time to do such a flight would be when solar activity is at its peak – known in scientific terms as the “solar maximum” -. This is due to the fact that the most dangerous particles coming from distant galaxies are deflected by the greater solar activity; which would reduce the risk for humans making the trip.

To this conclusion, obtained after having done drills with “Models of the space environment with simulation of the propagation of radiation particles, a model of a spacecraft with various thicknesses of aluminum shielding” and a mannequin, the team calculated what it would be “The effective dose for an astronaut during a long interplanetary flight.” After which, they concluded that the “Dose of radiation absorbed by the dummy depended on the thickness of the aluminum armor of the spacecraft”, the article reads.

This is the maximum time a person could spend on Mars 3

In other words, the thicker the material of the spacecraft, the less impact said radiation will have on the astronauts. Furthermore, the research explains that the shortest flight times from Earth to Mars will take place in the year 2030 and 2050, since they will be the periods of solar maximum; a conclusion that China had already advanced recently. Does this mean that in the next few years humans will be able to reach Mars? Bets open!